Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2014 Wearable Art Show

Jessica Weibe stomps down sandbags during her piece at the Wearable Art Show

String, stilts, sandbags and silk—all visible at the 2014 NSCAD Wearable Art Show. For 23 years now, NSCAD University students have been organizing this tremendous show in support of the Aids Coalition of Nova Scotia

This years event was at the (infamous) Marquee Ballroom on Gottingen Street and was coordinated by the talented Justin Lees. As per usual, the evening was a mix of traditional fashion garments, performance pieces and outlandish outfits. Highlights for me included the 'house', cardboard outfit, and Laura May Taylor's collection—especially the stilts! I didn't catch all the designers names and titles, so please leave comments or send me an email if you know any. 

You can also look at a few images from the 2013 NSCAD Wearable Art Show that I posted last year.

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