Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Countdown to the Exhibition | What Remains

Nova Forge, Trenton NS, September 24, 2013 | Available at ROAR

Damn time passes quickly! Myself and Liz van Allen (now Liz Wright—yup, we got married!) will be installing our collaborative project What Remains: The Nova Scotia Industrial Project in less than one month. It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were not long into the photography portion of the project without a clue of what the next chapter would be. Would we have an exhibition? When would that be? Where would that exhibition happen? That all seems distant now...

Last week I found myself discussing final exhibition details with the director of the Museum of Industry in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. The museum is home to an abundance of Nova Scotia’s industrial artifacts, many from locations and materials that you will find in our body of work. It is also home to a beautiful gallery that will house What Remains. Given the conceptual connection with our project and all the support and assistance the museum has provided us over the last year, we couldn’t think of a more suitable place to premier this work.

The opening reception will take place on Friday, October 17th at 7:00 pm, and the show will run until late December. Whether you’re from the Pictou County region, traveling to Cape Breton, or just huge fans of ours, we’d love for you to check out the show!

On a related note, over the last few weeks I have been coordinating ROAR: An Art Auction for NSCAD, which includes works by alumni and artists associated with NSCAD University (including yours truly) that will be auctioned off in support of the 2014–15 NSCAD Annual Fund. I have donated the photograph above from the What Remains series, so if you would like a sneak peak, come out to ROAR on Friday, September 26 at 6:30 pm at NSCAD’s Port Campus, and show your support!

Coal Neckpiece © Liz van Allen
Thinking back to one year ago. Exploring slag in Eureka NS, formerly Ferrona.
Photographing Pioneer Coal, Stellarton NS. That's me next to the truck tire.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What Remains — The NS Industrial Project

Nova Forge, Trenton NS, 2013 by Eliot Wright and Smokestacks, 2014 by Liz van Allen 

On May 15, 2013, Liz and I submitted an application for funding to Arts Nova Scotia so we could create (what was then called) the Nova Scotia Industrial Project. It's been over one year since then, and we've made a lot of progress!

Windsor Salt mine, Pugwash NS
Entitled What Remains, our collaborative exhibition of photographs and jewellery will open at the Museum of Industry in Stellarton, Nova Scotia in October of this year. We're thrilled to be working with the Museum on this, and they have been a big supporter along the way. Right now, we are in final production mode—multiple jewellery pieces in production and twenty or so of nearly thirty ink-jet prints complete. I've been really impressed with the photographic workflow so far. Except for one ugly nozzle clog, the EPSON 7900 has been treatin' me well, and prints have been rolling of very accurate to my (calibrated) Dell UltraSharp. So great when things just work!

In the coming weeks we will be curating a selection of historic industrial artifacts from the Museum's collection to accompany our works in the gallery. I've gotta say, I am excited to see how this plays out. With care, I think they will add another dynamic to the exhibit. More to come before too long.

© Liz van Allen
Liz van Allen cuttlefish casting for her Salt piece.

© Eliot Wright
Proofing all the images before printing full size. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2014 Wearable Art Show

Jessica Weibe stomps down sandbags during her piece at the Wearable Art Show

String, stilts, sandbags and silk—all visible at the 2014 NSCAD Wearable Art Show. For 23 years now, NSCAD University students have been organizing this tremendous show in support of the Aids Coalition of Nova Scotia

This years event was at the (infamous) Marquee Ballroom on Gottingen Street and was coordinated by the talented Justin Lees. As per usual, the evening was a mix of traditional fashion garments, performance pieces and outlandish outfits. Highlights for me included the 'house', cardboard outfit, and Laura May Taylor's collection—especially the stilts! I didn't catch all the designers names and titles, so please leave comments or send me an email if you know any. 

You can also look at a few images from the 2013 NSCAD Wearable Art Show that I posted last year.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Industrial Project Update

Winter near Maritime Steel, New Glasgow, NS, 2014

It's cold. The days are the shortest of the year and it's been a rough winter in Nova Scotia. Occasionally, winter surprises me—as above—with something delightfully beautiful and otherworldly. Though Liz and I have completed the photography portion of our project, I still can't keep away from returning to some of the same sites.

Keeping warm indoors, we've spent the past few months painstakingly editing the 2300 frames down to a manageable number. It's a hard task, rejecting images you were once very excited about in favour of others that "fit" the series better, but a necessary one. In this digital-based era, it's important to note that working with tactile prints in the final editing stages was a huge benefit, and I have to say, our proofs from Atlantic Photo looked really good!

These final images, along with artifacts and other influences from the sites went on to inspire Liz's jewellery designs, which are now well underway. In production right now there are nine different pieces, each referencing a different aspect of industry: coal, iron, steel, slag, textiles, gold, etc. There is plenty of work left to do, but the designs are looking very compelling.

In other big news, we've lined up an exhibition at the Museum of Industry in Stellarton, Nova Scotia! Their gallery space is big enough to accommodate a number of large photographs and jewellery pieces and we couldn't think of a better fit, thematically. We've decided to call the exhibition, What Remains, and it will open in October of 2014. More details to come!

Reviewing the proofs; discussing Windsor Salt in Pugwash, NS.
Liz sketching out jewellery designs. 
Allen Crooks, providing feedback on the project.

Friday, January 24, 2014

"Tools" Up Online

After sitting with the images for a number of years, I've published Tools on eliotwright.ca. The series is an extension of the work I did in 2011 on local barbershops in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area. I don't often express the technical aspects of my images, but I've had a number of people ask about these shots, so here's the details. All shots were taken on location in the barbershops with a full-frame DSLR and 50mm lens, cheap bristol-board for the backdrop (placed on a barbers chair), with one umbrella flash to camera right and a foam core reflector to camera left.

Here is a little teaser image. Head to the website for the rest!

© Eliot Wright, 2011
Brush #2, from Tools, 2011