Thursday, April 25, 2013

ViewPoint and Extended Studies

Damn. Over one month since I last wrote anything. I've been busy!

Things have been progressing at ViewPoint Gallery — the International Feature Photographer Competition (IFPC) closed with hundreds of stunning photographs submitted and we've developed a new call for submissions for local photographers for the September exhibition New Light: Emerging Photographers. Certainly a good opportunity to get your work on the walls and out to the public.

The black & white photography Extended Studies class I was teaching finished earlier this month. There was a wonderful mix of students in the class this winter, from accomplished "repeat offenders" to complete beginners. Everyone learned a lot – myself included – and I look forward to teaching the course again this summer. As a matter of fact, registration is open now and the course begins on May 9th. Head to the Extended Studies website to sign up!

In the meantime hear are a few shots from the final critique with the winter class.