Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Argus C3

About two years ago, a longtime friend of the family asked if I wanted some of her old photographic equipment. In the assortment of antiquated goodies there was an Argus C3, of which I knew nothing about at the time. I was busy and so I tossed "The Brick" into a dusty corner. The camera itself was in poor shape and had seen its fair share of neglect over the years. 

While visiting Newfoundland this past Christmas, I picked it up again. Upon realizing it had rangefinder, complete manual controls, and a leaf shutter that appeared to be working, I quickly found an expired roll of Kodak Gold 200. The few photographs presented here show some of the wonderful images that it can produce:

Church, Harbour Grace NL, November 2012.
Winter, Carbonear NL, November 2012.
House, Harbour Grace NL, November 2012.
Argus in Action, St. John's NL, November 2012.
Now well into the days of Instagram and Hipstamatic; damaged lenses, quirky cameras and expired film are often digitally simulated into "perfection." While this certainly has its own time and place it was very fun to get my hands on the real thing.

All images were shot with the Argus C3 on expired Kodak Gold 200, developed, scanned and lightly adjusted.

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